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Korea Republic’s legend, Cha Bum Kun.

Tscha Bum, the Asian footballer who played for Frankfurt(now in the second division) and Bayern Leverkusen. He won the UEFA cup for both teams, and is one of the most successful Asian footballer that played in the 80s’.

Tscha Bum played in the Bundesliga with 308 matches on his name and 98 goals in his Bundesliga career. He is respected by footballing stars such as Oliver Kahn, Michael Ballack, and Luis Figo. His career, although it was hindered by the Korean military services and a huge injury, was amazing and outshined Huh Jung Mu, who was playing in the Netherlands with PSV. He played football in Germany when the Korean Republic had no care for football. He played and made his country proud.

He managed the Korean Republic side in World Cup 98, although he was sacked after a horrendus defeat against Holland. He also managed Suwon Samsung Bluewings, one of the best teams in the Korean K-League.

This player is one of my favorite players of all time with players such as Ole Gunnar  Solskjær and Zinedine Zidane. He is a legend.

“The purpose of my visit to South Korea is to promote both countries’s progress and to strengthen our friendship. But I want to meet Tscha Bum first.”
Gerhard Schröder (Former Chancellor of Germany)
“The problem we couldn’t solve was Tscha Bum. We could not stop him. He was unstoppable.”
— Sir Alex Fergurson
“Is this Tscha Bum’s country? I’ve always wanted to come here. Cha is my idol.”
— Michael Ballack on Cha Bum Kun